The movement is so full, lush, dangerous.

Wild and risky.

I can't look away."

Carley Conder

Producer for Breaking Ground:

Contemporary Dance and Film Festival

Artistic Director for CONDER/dance

"Bracingly original"

                 Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Handman’ s work is rooted in its physicality and the demands of its execution. Its complexities and nuances exert a compelling experience that we connect with outside of any particular narrative.  And yet we feel part of a story -- something from the future and also very old -- something that continues with us because it is never completely known."

David Shimotakahara

Artistic Director

GroundWorks Dance Theater



Northwest Dance Project shared a link about

Eric Handman.


Eric Handman — One of the winners of our Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition. 18 hours to create. The results are extraordinary.


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