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Feral Torque: Contemporary Technique

This is a contemporary dance class for professional and advanced pre-professional dancers that uses displacement, distortion, leverage and centrifugal force to enhance power, detail and flow. Invigorating floorwork and standing combinations with elasticity and momentum, this class is an ever-evolving re-definition of virtuosity informed by ballet, gaga, contact improvisation, quigong, tai chi, aikido, Animal Flow, various somatic practices and eclectic modern dance forms.


Ground Game: Advanced Floorwork

Ground Game is a full-bodied class that trains you in methods of moving low across the floor with power, efficiency and sustained flow. Using improvisation and skills practice, techniques for sliding, gliding, spiraling, rolling, diving and pivoting will be developed into larger phrases of ongoing momentum.

Alchemy from Zero

Choreography can be about discovering ideas and images we didn’t know we wanted. In this class, the state "not knowing" is essential to the emergence of new ideas.  This class introduces devices for sparking action, discovery, surprise and inspiration. This action/reaction cycle enables us to invent movement and compositional forms in the absence of forethought, insights, inspiration and pre-determined concepts. Act first. Inspiration follows.

Choreographing Partnering: Tools for a Creative Process

This class introduces tools for choreographing original partnering.  Working from a state of collaboration, this class introduces tools for quickly facilitating the emergence of complex group systems.


photo credit - CPRowe Photography

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