Teaching is not about transferring mastery. It’s about crowdsourcing methods for navigating specific challenges. We attempt to discover if those challenges and solutions hold general value.  The solutions that help us navigate a choreographic challenge with greatest efficiency are selected for. That is technique.


The goal of practice is to find ways of improving practice.

Feral Torque: Contemporary Technique

Grounded, visceral and volcanic, Feral Torque is a contemporary dance class for professional and advanced pre-professional dancers. This class is an ever-evolving re-definition of virtuosity informed by ballet, gaga, contact improvisation, quigong, capoeira, martial arts, various somatic practices and eclectic modern dance forms.


Feral Torque use displacement, distortion, leverage and centrifugal force to enhance power, detail and flow -- Invigorating floorwork and standing combinations with elasticity and momentum. 

Low Road: Advanced Groundwork

The goal of class is to learn how to transform impact into propulsion through various sliding, gliding, folding, spiraling, rolling, vaulting, diving and pivoting techniques. Using improvisation and phrasework, Low Road is a full-bodied, sensory and spatial exploration of one’s relationship to gravity and the floor.

Alchemy from Zero

Choreography may not always about getting what we want -- but it can be about discovering ideas and images we didn’t know we wanted. In this class, not knowing where we are going is essential to new ideas. While it is not necessary to know what your work will be, it is helpful to know ways to work. This class introduces devices for sparking action, discovery, surprise and inspiration. Create first to be inspired later. The goal is to start an action/reaction cycle that enables us to produce movement and compositional form in the absence of forethought, insights, inspiration and pre-determined concepts. 

Choreographing Partnering: Tools for the Creative Process

Partnering is existential. Broadly defined as dancing with a heightened awareness, sensitivity and physical connection with others, partnering is an essential aspect of Western concert dance. This class introduces tools for choreographing original partnering.  

The goals of class are to enhance our attention to emerging physical and compositional opportunities; make choices from within the dance based on the immediate physical situation; and witness how surprising choreographic structures arise from collaborative processes. Physical problem solving, as well as conceptual and perceptual skill-building will be interwoven with contact improvisational exercises to sensitize us to touch, prepare us for sharing weight and attune us to the dynamics of a partner’s motion.