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"Handman’ s work is rooted in its physicality and the demands of its execution. It's complexities and nuances exert a compelling experience that we connect with outside of any particular narrative.  And yet we feel part of a story -- something from the future and also very old -- something that continues with us because it is never completely known."

David Shimotakahara

Artistic Director

GroundWorks Dance Theater


For me, one of the goals of choreographing is to keep discovering what choreography can be. Choreography is less about making the dance we want to make than it is about finding the dances that we can make together.  My works are marked by their seeming volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity. The dances are the result of collaborations with extraordinary dancers and they always result in images, patterns and relationships I didn't know I wanted. My goal is to create the art I can't imagine.


- Eric Handman






photo credit - Ed Flores

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